Wednesday, April 19, 2017

18 Reading Facts about Drifting

The map shows where Oomoo and Oolak live. 
Take a look at the map, do you notice the similarities to the book?
You'll read the information passage. It gives some facts about drifting.

The story title is "Drifting on an Ice Chunk" 
From the text, The sun felt very warm as Oomoo and Oolak stood on the drifting chunk of ice. The flies and mosquitoes were thick near the shore, but when the ice drifted into the open water, the insects were not as thick. 
  • What does that mean, the insects were not as thick? 
In the story it said, " Her father and the other men of the village had told many stories of the green clouds and how they brought winds that could sweep a boat into the ocean. The men of the village told that anybody going into the ocean should look at the sky ~ always look at the sky."

Were discussing this portion of the story . . .

"Oomoo remembered those things. But as she looked up at the great cloud that had covered the sun, she realized that she and Oolak had been careless. They hadn't followed the rule about watching the sky."

AK Standards: Determine author’s purpose; compare and contrast a firsthand and secondhand account of the same event or topic; describe the differences in focus and the information provided.

Click on the title, " Let''s Talk About Text!"

Students used the following open-ended sentence samples.
This shows . . .
Now I know . . .
This proves . . .

Skill Items

Find part D in your textbook 
Number your paper from 1-19
Review Items 

Independent Workbook 18
Check your work. Remember, if you got an item wrong, mark an x next to your answer. Fix any items you got wrong with a colored pen.

Students working together.

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