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The Running Dream_RTI Group

Chapter 15 
Portable card set
Record the following words on you portable card set
Use to find similar words or use
Chapter 15, Jessica is submerging herself in homework. QAR-templates.pdf

Right There Answer in the text
Jessica is submerging herself in homework. The author wrote  . . .

Author and You Answer may not be in the story.
What is Jessica's major hurtle?
Jessica still gets phantom pain. Do you think she'll overcome this obstacle?

Think & Search Put it together.
How does Jessica maneuver?
Read to find out the information.

On My Own Don't even have to have read the story.
What is phantom pain?
Jessica is going to have many hurdles. Where do you think she gets her strength?

You can purchase the book from Barnes and Noble The Running Dream is about . . .
  • "A runner and lost her leg in a bus accident, " JJ
  • "About this girl that lost her leg in an accident and lost her dream about running," MB
  • "There was a girl named Jessica and lost her leg in a car accident and now she can't run anymore," BM
  • "It's about a girl that was a runner until she got into a accident and lost her leg." TB
  • "A girl loved running and schoolwork. And away from practice a guy that was drunk he crashed into the bus and she lost her leg," GB
  • A girl that lost her leg, she returned back to school after she got her leg," JH
Watch Wendelin Van Draanen's Interview "Running allows your mind to drift."
Students Summarized, Made Connections, Expanded Vocabulary
Summarizing: Think about the most important ideas in this part of your reading. Write 3-5 sentences about the main ideas from your reading.

Making Connections: How does this book connect with your schema (memories, knowledge, experiences), other books you've read, or important world events? Write two different connections you made in your reading today. (Text-text, text-self, text-world)
What did you read about in our reading? Draw a picture or a graphic organizer to show (with details) what you read about or learned. 
  • Draw a rough draft
  • Use an Artist Trading Cards to transfer your picture or organizer
You can see The Running Dream Chapters

RTI Group is reading and listening using iTunes to The Running Dream

Wednesday & Friday students have been doing Teen Biz but now are using LexiaReading

The Running Dream Book Trailer
Read the quote.
Brainstorm for 3 min. of ways to achieve a goal.
Write about how to attain a goal for 7 min.

Use the author's words, Let's Talk About Text
On page - - -, it said . . . 
An example is . . .
I know this because . . .
The author wrote . . . 
In the text . . . 
According to the text . . .
The text also states . . .
The author also states  . . .
This shows . . .
Now I know . . .
This proves . . .

Students summarized when Jessica returned to school. The teacher asked if she would be sitting in the back. She thought, will people think I'm a special needs student?
Summarizing and Retelling
Organizing Ideas using Stars and Dashes  step-up-to-writing

Other books from the author:
Flipped Trailer   Flipped Purchase @Amazon

There are six strategies of reading comprehension that need to become habits: Making inferences and predictions is one strategy. 
Select one of the following to use when responding about the story.  5-7 sentences = Profound
  • The story said _____________________ which made me think . . .
  • I think will happen _______________________ because . . .
  • How the character acts tells me . . .
  • What the character says tells me  . . .
Respond on Edublog

Vocabulary Template: This template allows students to define the word, think of synonyms and antonyms, and visualize it. Then write the sentence from the book
Vocabulary from the text:

  1. iterates pg 137 eg. To find the first three iterates of this function, here's what you do . . . "
  2. dimension pg. 139
  3. invasive pg. 139
  4. Students will select 3 additional words from the text.

will run as strong as I can and today I will run with no finish line.

Take a quick read thru the text.                                                  Notes in the Margins
Escape By Running by Laura Muhawesh   

Today I will run as far as I can and I will not stop until I am spent. I will run from my fears, and run from the pain. 

Today, I will run and I will run without gain. I will run, today, with a power to live. I will run with my love and my pride and my hate.

I will run today and no one will know that I am running away and no one said “go.”

When I run today, I will not think, my mind and thoughts will my legs overtake. 

My muscles will pump and the blood will flow through, my joints will ache and my body will drain. But through all of this I will keep running, because when I run, to the road I’ve submit. 

My mind will be gone in its own quite place, and no noise will I hear nor smile will I fake. 

Today I will run as strong as I can and today I will run with no finish line.

What's going on?
What do you think the stanza's mean?
Circle words and phrases that are confusing.
Underline the big ideas.
Teen Reads Review
Running Dream Quiz 


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Inspirational Stories_Derrick Coleman

Duracell: Trust Your Power - NFL's Derrick Coleman, Seattle Seahawks
'When people say, "Oh you can't do this", it's more motivation for me,' he told ABC News. '[I say] "Okay, watch me".'

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Seahawks player overcame deaf
The 12th man or 12th player is a term for the fans within a stadium during American football games and association football.