Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reading Assessments

Spelling Inventory from Words Their Way
Primary/Upper Spelling Inventory

 San Diego Quick Assessment.pdf
Assessing Reading Multiple Measures 
Kindergarten through twelfth grade. 
  • San Diego Quick Assessment of Reading Ability
  • Oral Reading Fluency Measures
  •  Core Reading Maze Comprehension Test

Qualitative Reading Inventory 5th Edition includes both narrative and expository passages at each grade level, questions to assess prior knowledge, and word lists.

You can measure comprehension by retelling passages, implicit and explicit questions. There are suggestions for intervention.

Analyzing and Scoring a Running Record
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The assessment helps the teacher identify the cueing system used by the reader. They make note of repeat, mispronunciation of words, omissions and insertions, and self-corrections. The following percentage determines student’s reading score: Independent reading level is 95-100%, instructional is 94-90%, and less than 90% is frustrational reading. Research shows a connection between teachers’ use of running records and student’s achievement.

 Use: My Favorite Running Record Template

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