Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why Do I Like Poetry?

Why do I like Poetry?
  • Reading Poetry helps me to stop and ponder.
  • Reading Poetry makes me laugh.
  • Reading Poetry makes me cry.   
 Why is Poetry? 
 "Is like you make stuff up when you write," shared Jason.
"Like reading a story," said Tobin.
"Rhyming kind of," replied Isaac. 
"Something that comes from the heart," said Hayley.
"Poems are sometimes about what happens in your life," shared Sheriel.
"Where you express feelings," shared Jay. 
"About Memories," said Brenton  
"Something you can express," shared George.
"Rhyming words and expressing your feelings," said Jeannie.

    • Reading Poetry helps me to stop and ponder.
    • Reading Poetry makes me laugh.
    • Reading Poetry makes me cry. 

Students are selecting a poem to share. We shared a few examples and sites.
Things You Don't Need to Know
Surviving the Bull Ride

[I will continue to update our poems and links]
 I lost a childhood friend to a drunk driver. I've tried reading this poem without crying. Can't
Death of An Innocent

My Resource poetry_april-is-poetry-month/

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Who is Malala Yousafzai?

Planning 1/15/16 began book 2/16/16
What is Cornell Note Taking?
Alyvia: I have many questions: Where's Malala now? How did she survive?
Student's used Cornell Notes to record questions and abbreviated notes.
She said, :So her I stand, one girl among many, I stand not for myself, but for all girls and boy's."

Essential Question: Have you ever done something brave? 

Questions:Where is she now? How did she survive?
 Next book for the 6th grade reading group.
Pondering: I wonder if shes going to be a doctor?
Using Cornell Notes
Who-Malala-Yousafzai Amazon

Table of Contents
Who is Malala Yousafzai?(mah-LAH-lah you sahf-ZIGH) was a little girl in Mingora, Pakistan 
  • Use Cornell Notes to record your findings
A Girl is Born 7  In Mingora, describe the difference a girls/boy's birth

Born with Wings 18 Malala would say that her father allowed her to grow, "He didn't give me something extra," she said, "but he never clipped my wing. He let me fly. He let me achieve my goals."
  • Describe how her relationship was important in Malala's life
At Home in Mingora 26 Like most families in Pakistan, the whole family ate meals together. 

Describe and draw a typical day

Morning Routine

Dangerous Times 36 Describe the Setting.
  • Look for the author's clues that describe the setting like, "climbed the mountains"

A Secret Diary 47  Journal Entry: Write about what you were doing at 4:00 yesterday. 
Dialogue is worth 20 points
Doodle is worth 10 points
When a journalist from BBC Urdu asked her father about young people who might be willing to give their perspective on life under the Taliban, he suggested Malala.
Who is Malala 64 "Malala was feeling happy and proud as she climbed onto the small school bus with her friends." 
Sharing what I notice in the text . . .

All I Want Is an Education 73
Every Woman, Every Boy, Every Girl 79
A Girl with a Book 91
Timelines 102
Bibliography 104

Diane Sawyer Sits Down With the Inspirational Malala Yousafzai
Lesson pages 1-198 Curriculum.pdf
Time for Kids 

He Named Me Malala

The book referenced Mother Teresa and a student located this site Biography of Mother Teresa
Students will look for a quote by Mother Teresa (This one is my favorite)

Interactive Reading LogInteractive Reading Log
Using author's words to describe the "Setting" in chapter 4

Student shared, Biography site
Malala Yousafzai

6th grade completed the book May 25, 2016