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Shark Lady_True Adventures of Eugenie Clark by Ann McGovern

6th Grade Readers selected this book to read. Taggs  Sharksider
Read about Eugenie Clark pdf

Read Children Everywhere pages 45-51 Student will be assessed using a running record to identify patterns in student reading behaviors. 
Read the chapter to visualize as you read. 
  • Picture the setting in your mind. 
  • Try to picture in your mind the things that the characters are doing.  
Hint a couple of examples:  
The text says, there were children everywhere.
          A little boy about 4 years was sitting on the wooden platform of the shark pent! And he was dangling his feet in the water!

 Virtualtour Baltimore Aquarium
Read A Very Special Saturday pages 7-12 Eugenie went to the Aquarium while her mother worked.
Read Three Fish, Four Fish - More and More Fish pages 13-19 to discover why her Grandma said "NO!"
Read Trouble With Grandma pages 20-23 Her grandmother found some unusual things in the fridge and in a pot. This is my favorite chapter! What did Eugenie learn how to do?
Vocabulary: ichthyologist
Read Adventures in the South Seas pages 30-36 Eugenie learned to do three things. (p. 34)
1) Eugenie learned to
How to Catch a Shark
1. We will read the chapter together. Text to Self:
Have you ever caught a shark?
2. Page 41 write what the text says about catching a shark.
3. They caught _______________# sharks. Write the details.

4. Check out the Sand Shark (From the text) and Shark Week Shark Week
 Check out recent Shark Attacks 

Weekly Reading Response Sheet  Mon  Tues  Wed  Thurs 
1. Restates the question in the answer. 
2. Uses specific details when describing parts of the book (character names, places,...) 
3. Answers question using at least three supporting details. 
Provides evidence from the text to support 
4. Sums it up with a great concluding sentence.   N.A.
5. Writes in complete sentences using proper punctuation, capitalization & spelling. 
6. All parts of the log are complete. 
7. Includes question # that is being answered.   
Late  (minus 5 points)  
 _____/40   _____/40   _____/40   _____/40 

The RTI Group selected Shark Lady to read. 9/8/14
Read the text pages 45-51 look at the title Children Everywhere and read the first page.
What do you think the chapter will be about? Write in your reader's notebook.
As you read the text and think about pictures in your mind. Then when you come to the text, "But there were problems, too." 
Imagine a different scenario.  
  1.  Make two sketches from the chapter and label them. 
  2. Now, draw a scenario from the chapter of what could have happened. (Hint: pages 50-51)
Three Sketches

Reading term; Scenario  details on the appearance of characters, scenes, and sequence of episodes.
Define the following words using a dictionary or online
/ or 
laboratory p. 45
weighed p. 47
peering p. 48
microscopes p. 48
habit p. 49 
dangling p. 50
  1. Look up the word in the dictionary. Place the definition on the back of the card.
  2. On the front of the card write the word with syllables.
  3. Place the cards in front of you and pronounce the words.
  4. Mark the difficult ones. When you fail to define the word on the first try, place a dot on the right corner.
  5. From time to time review the words.
Read the text pages 45-51
Tell what happened in this chapter.
Be ready to explain how Eugenie tried to protect the sharks from being killed. 
Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative and connotative meanings; analyze the impact of a specific word choice on meaning and tone


Students are taking note using Cornell Note Taking Strategies.
Divide the paper into three sections: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3
A piece of paper divided into sections
Draw a dark horizontal line about 12  lines (4") from the bottom. Use a pencil draw the line.

Draw a dark vertical line about 2 inches from the left side of the paper from the top to the horizontal line. 

Used the template to define the word, think of synonyms and antonyms, and visualize it.

Students defined aquarium, mysterious, Orient, fascinating, Japanese, and pearl.

Biography of Eugenie 3:49 min

Taking Notes
Grill Revision List Revision_List


 Eugenies Deep Dive

Students are reading a non-fiction piece found in a Reader's Digest Magazine, Surviving a Shark Attack using the Close Reading Strategy. See sample.
 Scientists at Work
What methods do scientists use to study animal behavior?
 Topp Predators Tagging Map

OCEARCH is a non-profit doing research on the great white sharks and other apex predators.
There are Shark Week Videos
Eugenie Clark Video  Dr. Eugenie Clark
Royal discovered an underwater prehistoric graveyard that enabled scientists to recover the first remains of Ice Age Man 12,000 years old.
The Man Who Rode Sharks [Purchase]

Book @ Barnes & Noble

A student shared, "The book sounded interesting and my sister got me interested in sharks. I helped her with a shark report. I googled the sharks that she told me too."
"I just knew that I wanted to study fish, "shared Eugenie Clark

Sharks Eugenie 

The fine art of Ray Troll 

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