Monday, October 31, 2016

Vincet van Gogh

His aunt encourages our reader. Today they are talking about VanGogh
Read Works
Lexile Level: 420
Vincet van Gogh article for beginning readers.

The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh Potato-eaters-by-van-goghVan 

Gogh is trying to portray the ordinary, poor people.

Vincent van Gogh for Children: Biography for Kids

Self-Portraits Vincent van Gogh for Children: Biography for Kids - FreeSchool

Van Gogh facts from page 2-5
page 6 on a bit on the censored side for kids.Pages 2-5 Van Gogh Facts

Friday, October 28, 2016

Article of the Week: Oregon Surfer Survives Shark Attack

Students have been devouring non-fiction texts about Sharks. 
Paired their independent reading with this shark article.

Oregon surfer punched shark in gills to survive ‘My whole leg was in its mouth’: Oregon surfer says he punched shark to survive

Thursday, October 27, 2016


People used Celestial navigation and on their observations of clouds, winds, birds, and other phenomena to navigate Navigation
You will need: 
Pringle Chip Container with lid
Lid side open (Plastic) And the other end to driil a peep hole.
Black construction paper
Push pin used for each star
Contact paper to cover the container
  1. Trace a circle using to Pringle lid onto the black paper.
  2. Cut out your circle.
  3. Find a constellation,  use a pencil to copy constellation noting each star.
  4. Then, Use a pin to poke thru each star.
  5. Place your constellation on the lid.
  6. In your writing notebook, record information about your constellation
  7. Amazing, isn't it?
Great bear and Little bear constellations 
Checking out the Constellations
Miles Deer Constellation

Noah's Great Bear and Little Bear Constellation

Monday, October 24, 2016

I Need My Monster

Story was introduced to the after-school reading club and Primary Readers.

I Need My Monster Watch online video of actor Rita Moreno reading the story.

One night, Ethan’s monster, Gabe, takes off for a fishing trip, leaving a note promising he’ll come back in a week.

He auditions substitute monsters to stand in under his bed.
Are you scared yet?
Each story includes and Activity Guide.  If you had a monster under your bed, would yours look like Gabe? What would your monster look like? How would your monster act and sound?

Then paired with Alligator-under-my-bed

Listen to Mercer Mayer (Author)  Tell the StoryThere's and Alligator Under My Bed
What would you do if there was an alligator under your bed?

Weekly Article: Alaska villagers face dual threat of hungry polar bears, warmer weather

Article Polar Bear
What message and tone does the author try to convey to the reader? Support your answer by highlighting evidence in yellow."

They are curious predators.

Amazing Wildlife of Alaska - National Geographic Documentary

The Sun Lights the Earth

Taken from Reading Mastery, "The sun shines all the time. But you can't see the sun all the time. Only half of the earth is in sunlight."

Students were introduced by viewing,  Bill Nye the Seasons

I think, "I got it!
What causes the Seasons? Spaceplace
Which way does the earth rotate?
Why Do We Have Different Seasons?
Noah said, "Is it this way?"

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Signey said, "You have to earn to get a party like this."
Different reading groups earned a Celebration

Can I look up the Amazon River?
"I was working hard, " shared Yodean.
We had to listen, follow the rules, and work hard. They checked out the daylight in Point Barrow at this time. Then the T_________ word happening in the Philippines. (What is the T word?)
"I worked hard, listened, and did my best, "said Noah.

Bree shared, "Do all our work and do my best." And "Finish" added Jake. Caden said, "Work hard."

Friday, October 14, 2016

Active Reading Strategy_Anita Archer

What's hiding in the peanut butter?
Active Reading Strategy:
R - READ - read a paragraph, think about the topic & important details
C - COVER - cover the paragraph with your hand
R - RECITE - tell yourself what you have read * say the topic * say the important details * say it in your own words
C - CHECK - lift your hand & check - if you forget something that is important, begin again
Read Delicious or Deadly

Dr. Anita Archer: Content Area Text Reading
* found kids who were taught to do active reading & practiced it scored 60% higher on chapter content tests * could use this strategy 1) independently, 2) whole class, 3) partner (just rotate in terms of who tells what (topic/details/own words)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The More That You Read the More Things You Will Know

Students are describing the main character in their independent reading. 

  • Use three words from the text to describe the character.
  • Give an opinion about the character with support (evidence). e.g. 
Reading NightNightmare by James Howe
Reading Drama (Graphic Novel) by Raina Telgemeir 
My character's name is . . .
In my opinion . . .

Hurricane-level winds possible in Pacific Northwest

Brace yourself, Pacific Northwest. What's left of a typhoon, which has made its way across the ocean, is expected to pummel parts of Oregon and Washington over the next several days.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why the Risk of the Big One

The  purple dropped pin is our location and Vancouver, BC in the red dropped pin.
1,000s of tremors British Columbia is near where we live
The last slow slip event that occurred in B.C. and northern Washington. The tremors are color-coded by time (oldest in blue, newest in red) from December 22 - January 16, 2016. Almost 8000 slow slip tremor earthquakes were recorded. (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network)

Monday, October 10, 2016

In the News_Hurricane Matthew

Students were interested in Hurricane Matthew and this site when they discovered the alligators. Take a look in