Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Probably Passage Strategy

Together, we used the probable passage worksheet as a tool to organize thoughts prior to reading the next story. This strategy helps students to focus on the characters, setting, problem, and author literary devices.
The author is using  _________ (pebbles) in order to show . . .


After recording the characters, setting, and 5 unknown words. Students noticed the sentence, "Oolak went tumbling in the pebbles." The author used the word pebbles which shows the story took place in the spring.
  • Then they researched how fast a polar runs
  • Polar bear's longevity
  • Polar bear's sense of smell

Bears are Amazing!
Paired with this article Articles/polar-bears/

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Polar Bears

Find part B in your textbook page 68. First students will read the information passage, The Dangerous Season. It gives some facts about spring in Alaska.

Then Locate part C pages 69-70. Our story begins with, Usk, the Polar Bear Remember animals are most dangerous in the Spring. When do females have babies?
After reading, students will locate part A of their workbook. Answer questions 1-10 Remember to reread and locate your answers in the text. 
Rereading and locating information

Polar Bears
Answer questions 1-10

Remember to reread and locate your answers in the text. 

Paired Reading: What if you shared your town once a year with 1,000 polar bears? Check out short videos of Polar Bear life. Smithsonian Channel 
That's what happens every fall in Churchill, Manitoba, when bears migrate through town heading to Hudson Bay. 


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Locating the Answers Collaboration with a Partner Video
Response to Reading: Students are working together to answer questions in their reading. 

Part A Recalling facts and using Maps. page 21

Workbook 12 "The questions in Part A are about Eskimos, Canada, and Alaska."                  

Part B are Story Items
 Example question.                                                                                                                                                              14. Who met Tim at Crooked Lake?
Page 22 required looking back at the text (Book)
Page 21 was independent 

Working Together in small groups 

Working Together Video

 When did they arrive? Hint: p. 56 

"Your going to check your work. Place an X by the item if the answer is not correct."

This is where you find the answer!

Answers can be found on page 55-56

Where Oomoo and Oolakd Lived page 62-63
Picture 1

Video: Why did Oomoo build her house on top of the hill?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Reading Words

Reading Words
Example: Word 1 is hind. what word? (Signal.) Hind
Spell hind. Get ready. (Tap for each letter.) H-I-N-D

Column 1



All these words have endings. The first part of each word is underlined.
Column 3

These words are compound words. The first part of each word is underlined
Column 2

Column 5
What Word?
Usk is a name of a polar bear you’ll read about.

NGOS Studies the Killer Whale Population
Column 4
What Words?
killer whale
polar bear
ice floe

Watch polar bear researchers in action:Arctic Polar Bears

More ice edge means more hunting habitat at this time of year.

Polar Bear Range adfg.alaska.gov/
Why Do We Tag Polar Bears?

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