Thursday, October 31, 2013

3:15_Patrick Carman_Listen_Read_Watch

3:15 is the new series that invites you – or dares you, really – to listen to, read, and watch a chilling tale in 15 minutes or less. Audio, text, video. It’s an entirely different way to experience a short story.

These are multimedia short stories for your mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad. [I prefer the iPhone version]

Here is how it works:
  1. Choose a Story.
  2. Watch the teaser (video) to the story online.   
  3. Read the story.     
  4. Watch the conclusion of the story online.  
  5. If you have the book go to   
  6. Use the Password on each episode.
    See How 315 Works and experience the 3:15 story.
You can read page by page
Buried Treasure: The classic story of a man with a hook for a hand and re-told with a new twist.
Reading in the dark
"I was getting ready not to be scared."

1st Read 
Stories are high interest
Check out the author Patrick Carman

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

True Stories_Sea Stories_Henry Brook

Books from Osborne arrived today. A 8th grade reading group decided to read True Sea Stories. Or you can purchase from True-Sea-Stories-Adventure.
Table of Contents
Race to the Savage Sea  7
The Birkenhead Heroes  23
Birkenhead Shipwreck
The Queen's Dragon  37
A Lighthouse Heroine  53
An Ultra-Secret Sinking  65
Cape Crusader  81
The Galley Slaves  95
Prisoners of the Sea  111
Swimming with the Fishes   127
Fountain of Gold  141
Robin Knox-Johnston Photo
Race to the Savage Sea
Robin Know-Johnston
When the 29-year-old Robin Knox-Johnston loaded his stores to set off on the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race in 1968, he was preparing to leave on a voyage that was truly into the unknown. Could it be done?
Sir Robin Knox_Johnston
Robin Knox Johnston Gallery

Birkenhead Heroes Birkenhead
Eyewitness History            

Did you know that during World War II, sailors aboard the USS Indianapolis drifted in shark-infested waters for several days before rescuers arrived?
USS Indianapolis Story

 Outline Maps

What is Pig Latin?

Enter English Text to Translate:

Can you solve the following message?
odayTay isyay ayay adventureyay! Youyay'llay eesay andyay earhay eThay egendLay ofyay eepingSlay ollowHay. anCay youyay olvesay ayay imecray? oodGay uckLay! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Raven_by Edgar Allen Poe_Interactive

The Raven_Interactive Poem
by Edgar Allen Poe

Read The Raven and see how Poe used imagery that conveys a sense of sorrow.
Visit the Museum and click on the Teacher section. Poe Museum
Watch Edgar Allan Poe's_THE RAVEN (11:25)
Visit the_Poe Museum

Two Old Woman_Vera Wallis

 Two Old Women Quiz

Two Old Women Discussion Questions
Chapter 7
Write a Chapter Summary: In this chapter Ch’idzigyaak and Sa’ are reluctant to let the People know that they are alive. What concerns do they have?
Points to consider:
Why are the two old women in better shape than The People? (p. 113)

 6th -8th Grade RTI Group is reading this book.

Students are reading chapter 6
Sadness Among The People in Two Old Women. A piece from the book.
"The chief stood surveying his surroundings with eyes made a little older by deep sadness. His people were in a desperate state, their eyes and cheeks sunk low in gaunt faces and their tattered clothing barely able to keep out the freezing cold."

Secondary Level Modeling
Interactive Literacy Notebook 
Two Old Woman pdf


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Comprehension Strategy: Summarization

Comprehension Strategy 
Teach students to identify main idea in single paragraph.

Summarization of single paragraph.
  1. Begin with simple paragraphs.
  2. Locate the main idea sentence.
  3. Rewrite in your own words.
  4. Add important detail.

Fist: First, Indicate, Search, Tie
Quick Summarizing Strategi es to Use in the Classroom 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Literary Report Card

Why is a literary report card important?
Making Inferences and Predictions can be found in Building Reading Comprehension Habits in Grades 6-12 by Jeff Zwiers
A literary report encourages students to analyze and evaluate characters' actions and traits.
Character Report Card.pdf

Thick and Thin Questions

Thick of Thin Questions Thick or Thin link
 Use the following example as a interactive corner of the room.
After reading The Legend of Sleeping Hollow, students wrote thick questions.
  • How would you feel if Ichabod came back?
  • Why did they call the town Sleepy Hollow?
  • Why is the horseman headless?

    Readers are encouraged to write questions that you need to think about . . .  what you already know, what the author tells you, and how it fits together.

    Thursday, October 24, 2013

    Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    Listen to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
    and read with a flashlight. 

    It strange story that happened a long time ago in a valley called "Sleepy Hollow".

    Listen to students retell the Legend of Sleepy Hollow 
    You can hear Nathen, Kristian, Abrielle, Jeannie, and Savy retell the story.

    Video of Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    Find the Main Idea 

    Wednesday, October 23, 2013

    Journal Writing Prompts

    Here are a couple of examples and links.
    • Tell about an event in your life that has caused a change in you.
    • What is the best advice you ever received?

    English Journals Prompts

    Writing Prompts Using Photos

    What If? History What if History Prompts

    • What if Ben Franklin died in his electricity experiment?

    Writers listen to the voice inside of you . . .

    Tuesday, October 22, 2013

    See You Later Gladiator_Jon Scieszka

    Author: Jon Scieszka says, "I write books because I love to make kids laugh".

    See You Later, Gladiator!
    The Book transports Joe, Sam, and Fred back to ancient Rome A.D. 120. They come face-to-face with one big ol' Gladiator!

    Students selected this book after checking out, Tut, Tut, and The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy.
    1. They read chapter one, which took them back into the time warp.
    2. Then listened to chapter one from iTunes.  "It has more action noise, and does the voice emotions, like really!" Shared a student. 
    Prior knowledge: They knew Gladiators can earn their freedom. We googled the question and discovered it is true.

    Time warp Trio Adventures Gladiators

    Paired Reading:
    Percy Jackson Books by Rick Riordan
    Who were the Gladiators?

    How to Draw a Gladiator

    Write the next scene in which you and the characters Joe, Sam, and Fred are about to become gladiators! Is it going to be a thumbs up, you live or a thumbs down, you die.

    Check out ancient Roman buildings like the  Roman Colosseum

     Read about the Roman Empire

    Gladiator Book Quiz