Friday, May 20, 2016

Article of the Week

Articles of the Week for 2015-2016

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Article of the Week
Mark the Text
1.     Number each paragraph.
2.     Circle key terms
3.     Underline the words or phrases you do not understand.
4.     Left Margin: What is the author Saying?
5.     Right Margin: What is the author DOING? (Power Verbs)

Choose any passage and respong to it.

Time-sensitive Articles

Timeless Articles

Name Research

Name Research Page 35 Name Poem Worksheet
Students began researching their name after reading a chapter in Malala. Assignment:What is the meaning of your name? _______________________________________________________________________________ Look up your name in an online directory or printed directory of baby names. After looking it up, write down the meaning of your name.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Home and Far Away_Samuel Wilson_Alaska Basketball

Metlakatla Basketball
"You haven't seen this?" A high school student shared this article about Metlakatla Basketball. After reading this article, another student shared, "Spot on!" While another said, "It was really good!"

The author’s purpose here is to  . . .

“Show that a place called Met is basketball is really important here.” Kael

“To show that basketball is the tradition here.” Alfred
“ To show that basketball is the biggest sport here, most everybody goes here.” Tyanna
“The article educates people that don’t know certain thinks about places like Annette Island.” Trenton
“He wrote this because is Metlakatla is an important place and basketball is good here.” Samantha
“To shows what goes on Annette Island and how they play basketball.” Isaac.
“To show that we really care about basketball and it’s the main thing.” Jason

“To show that people here love basketball.” Tobin