Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Henry and Tim's Relationship

Looking for Opinion, Reason, and Evidence
In the book Henry and Tim meet at Big Lake. Describe Tim and Henry's Relationship on your post it note. 

Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.
Use the Opinion Graphic Organizer to give your 
  • Opinion
  • Reason
  • Evidence (Cite) Then List page that you used for evidence
Looking thru the text 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wampanoag_Eastern People

 Article of the Week: Who were the Wampanoag's? Students leaned how the Wampanoag made canoes.                

Thanksgiving webcast.htm

Woman and young girls took care of the garden.
Wampanoag men were responsible . . .
Amazing notes, Aurora took these notes during the video and class discussion.
Teaching About Thanksgiving
Taken from Teaching About Thanksgiving

Students asked, "Can we do a study?"

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Good Morning, Gorillas

"I wanted to see how Gorillas act and how they behaved," shared Simon. He completed this book from his Classroom Library 
I asked if he was familiar with  Koko's Kitten 
He replied, "No." Then began his research . 

Here is a video Koko meeting a new kitten.
Koko's is gentle with the kitten.

Introduced student to Koko's Kitten

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Confident Readers

Listening to Dad read about water.
Today, we watched student's read with confidence. Bruce's dad read the fine details of the water book.

Read 2 books that are "Just right." and one "Challenging" book. 
These boys came ready to work today. Kohyn read 41 pages!

Reading Exploration

Mythology The Gods, Heroes, and Monsters of Ancient Greece (Ologies) Mythology
Checking basic Ancient Greek

Trying the coin trick

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Choose Your Adventure

Students independently read for 10 minutes (Warm-up).  I brought in my,  Choose Your Adventure Books collection. The books are an interactive book series where YOU decide the outcome of the story. A student asked, "Do you have anymore?" after reading The Abominable Snowman.
They squealed when the books were introduced.
From Amazon

The collection was introduced to additional reading groups.
I asked, "Which adventure did you choose?" He responded,"I  chose page 92."

A Baby Polar Bear Grows up

Polar bears live in ice and snow 
The after school reading program is reading this text.
Passage Reading Level: Lexile 260

Placement Stories ReadNaturally

G is using comprehension skills to answer the question, What did you learn from "A Baby Polar Bear Grows Up"? He highlighted the details.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Who Would Win? What's the Big Idea? Narrow it Down: Whats the Most Important Point?

With a partner predict,  Who Would Win?
Some examples listed below.
Who Would Win? Alligator Vs. Python, Who Would Win? Rhino Vs. Hippo, Who Would Win? Hornet Vs. Wasp, Who Would Win? Wolverine Vs. Tasmanian Devil, Who Would Win? Whale Vs. Giant Squid, Who Would Win? Tarantula Vs. Scorpion, Who Would Win? Komodo Dragon Vs. King Cobra, Who Would Win? Lion Vs. Tiger, Who Would Win? Killer Whale Vs. Great White, Who Would Win? Hammerhead Vs. Bull Shark Who Would Win? Polar Vs Grizzly Who Would Win? Tyrannosaurus Rex Vs Raptor

With a partner predict,  Who Would Win? Graphic+Organizers+6.pdf
  • What's the Big Idea?
  • Narrow it down 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tracking Your Reading Class_First Quarter

Taken from Kelly Gallagher
Tracking your thinking over this quarter's reading: I used to think _____, but now I think _____.

I still think _____, but I’d like to add _____. Others think _____, but I think ______.
Here is a few examples
"I'm surprised that I used to think reading was boring. Now I think reading is fun and exciting," shared Noah.

"I realized reading is super fun. My book is complicated since it uses words like,  Renaissance, patrons, and ospedale," shared Jake. 

Previously in my book, Piper the Navy Brat is traveling because she's a military kid. They don't call their dad, dad; they call him Sir, or Captain.

"I think that my book is hilarious and a little complicated ," said Maleah.

Cont._Main Story

 Published on 10/12/16 Updated to the front. I heard the sounds of Canadian Geese after my bike ride. You could hear them before you seeing them. 4:03 PM

  • "Growing Up Gosling" paired this story with our reading. In the video Laura tells of caring for a goose at the local park who failed to migrate due to a badly broken leg.
  • Henry Meets Tim: Tim said, "Oh, I couldn't learn to fly because my leg was hurt."

Incredible Video Camera Flying With the Birds in the Sky

Geese Sounds

We're reading: Tim Practices Flying 

Table of Contents

Facts about geese
Old Henry
More facts about geese
Henry meets Tim
Directions on maps
Tim's questions
Facts about the earth
Tim has a flying lesson
Facts about the equator
Tim practices flying
The sun lights the earth
The geese leave Big Trout Lake
Michigan and Kentucky
Old Henry tests Tim
The sun heats the earth
A new plan
The sun and the earth
Flying with the flock
Test 1


Did You Know? taken from Living in Harmony
  • Geese and their babies communicate with each other while the goslings are still inside the shell.
  • Geese hand down their migratory routes from generation to generation.
  • Goslings cuddle with each other for warmth and protection.
  • Geese are highly emotional and mourn the loss of their mates and eggs.
  • Geese use as many as 13 different calls to convey warnings, extend greetings, and express emotions such as happiness.Fun facts.com/cool-facts-about-goose

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Jon Scieszka_Author Study

About the Author
Jon Scieszka
(which rhymes with Fresca)

       While teaching second graders, Scieszka realized that he still wanted to be a writer, but for children instead of adults. Scieszka

Author Study
After reading Scieszka book, Students shared their findings. 
"I noticed that 3 little boys were always getting in trouble," Tori shared.
"I notices a good duckling ends up being an ugly duckling, " shared Jyllian.

"I read everything — comic books, newspapers, cereal boxes, poems — anything with writing on it. My favorite things to read are fairy tales, myths, and legends. When I'm not reading, I listen to music, watch cartoons, and sit in my chair and just think about stuff.”
A favorite book The True Story of the Three Little Pigs! by Jon Scieszka 7:10
Checking out Scieszka's books
It's all Greek to Me!

Look at this!
Knights of the Kitchen Table