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A Long Walk to Water_Linda Sue Park

Who Were the Lost Boys?
Story of Patriotism
Lost Boys Part One
Lost Boys Part Two
Listen to, A Long Walk to Water   
A Long Walk to Water Later Chapters 

Prior to reading: Who is the author? What do I know know about this author? When was it written? Is that important? What is the Title? What does it suggest? Are their chapter titles? Is there vocabulary I need to know before I read?

Essential Question:
  • Why is it important to write about our lives? 

Chapter One
Compare and Contrast the characters 
The author includes Salva and Nya in each chapter. Students will identify similarities and differences between characters.

Salva Dut an eleven-year-old boy who lives in the small village of Loun-Ariik in Southern Sudan. Nya an elven-year-old girl that must make two long trips every day to the nearest pond to get water for her family.

Word-sentence from text
Definition in your own words
11+ = A
10-8 = B

Plains- on map
Draw what it looks like.
Route- on map
Describe his journey.
Describe where it s located.
cradle p 1

droned p. 2

herding p. 3

aimless p. 4

bush p. 6

rebels p. 6


Chapter Two
Scenerio 1
You are 11 years old. You have been separated from you family by a war. In order to survive, you must walk to an area of safety hundreds of miles away. On the journey you must avoid soldiers and dangerous wildlife, and manage to find food and water. The journey will take months. you do not know if you will survive or ever see your family again.
If this was an experience you had to live through, how do you think it would affect the person you grew up to be? Taken from Mrs. Cullings's ELA site
Chapter Six 
Reading Strategy Say Something: Select 2 of the strategies below and write a paragraph connecting with the story.

Chapter Seven: Comprehension Questions

In the book the author gives reference of a lion approaching the group as they slept, "A lion had been hungry enough to approach the group as they slept. A few men had been keeping watch, but in the dark of night, with the wind rippling through the long grass, the lion could easily have crept close without being seen. It sought out prey that was small and motionless: Marial, sleeping.

Art Response: Draw the majesticness of the lion.
Check out the Gallery of Raul Colon

Close Reading

Read entire text, without stopping, to get the “flow”.

Show evidence of Close reading.

Read and circle important or unfamiliar words.

Write a number by important details or thoughts (Side notes) in the margin. E.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Copy and Read Sudan's Civil War for Background Knowledge

Write about your findings and viewpoint.

Use map on page 6 to document Salva's journey.
Locate Sudan as well as Sudan’s neighboring countries, Ethiopia and Kenya.
  1. What are the hazards and physical challenges of the different routes. 
  2.  Study the map on page 6,  and place Salva's route on the map

Author: Linda Sue Park

Chapter 4
 Salva’s thoughts in italics, starting with, Where are we going? Where is my family? When will I see them again? and continuing to One problem at a time–just! Figure out this one problem. CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.9-10.1
What do these quotes reveal about Salva’s growth and development over the years?
Five-Sentence Paragraph
Do you have?
______Introduction or Topic Sentence (Use key words from the Prompt)
______First Subtopic (A “Showing” Example)
______Second  Subtopic (A “Showing” Example)
______Third Sentence (A “Showing” Example)
______Conclusion (Restates Introduction)

Watch the Sue Park Video 2:29

Then, Linda Sue Park interviews Salva Dut Oct. 2014 
Answer the two of the following questions
.Why does the author describe _______ in such detail?

Author Questions: Select 2 to answer

1.   What was the author’s purpose in the video?

2.   What does the author mean when asks these “____________________” questions?
3.   What is the author’s attitude towards this subject matter ________ ?
4.   The author wants the reader to think ______________.
5.   Which feature of ________ does the author most value?

A Long Walk to Water Amazon

A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story

"A Long Walk to Water" is a novel by Linda Sue Park. Published in 2010, the novel is written for older children and young adults and tells two separate stories which are brought together . . . Taken from Bookrags 

Questions & Answers

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Teachers Guide pdf 



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Why do wars happen?

Write a ending to the story. 




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