Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Arctic Animals_Walruses, Seals, Elephant Seals

Walruses live in frigid waters near the Arctic Circle.
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Walrus Tracking Walrustracking
Elephant Seals
Elephant Seal Migration http://www.elephantseal.org/theseals.htm

Northern elephant seals are found in the eastern and central North Pacific Ocean from Mexico's Baja California to the Gulf of Alaska.

Author Study_Jeff Kinney

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Read with a pen. Note-taking allows for active engagement.

Note-taking fulfills 2 components: Record information and aid in reflection.

by Kylene Beers 

SUPERFAN interview with Jeff Kinney  SUPERFAN interview with Jeff Kinney 5:17
Behind the Scenes with Jeff Kinney Behind the Scenes

Friday, March 10, 2017

Killer Whales

16 Vocabulary

Reading Words
All these words have an ending
All these words end with an s
Reading Words
Column 1
Column 2
Column 3
Column 4
1.  numb

   1. grinding
   1.  ignore
2.  shrank

   2.  glanced
2. creaks
    2.  enter
3.  ridge

   3.  punishment
3. mosquitoes
    3. sloshing
4.  sliced

4. swarming
    4.  forth
5.  cliff

     5.  nicer
5. schoolyard
      6. itch

   6. speckled

Draw the Relationships: Straight lines between words that are similar and draw  a squiggly line to words that are opposite.

Hint: Remember synonym and same start with the same letter

In lesson 16 you'll be reading more about killer whales.  
  • Everybody about how long are killer whales? 
  • How do killer whales compare in size with other whales?
  • Everybody,  are killer whales fish?
  • Name some other animals that are warm-blooded like killer whales.

Find part A in your workbook are from the reading Facts About Killer Whales.

  1. About how long are killer whales ____________________________________
  2. Compare the size of killer whales with the size of other whales. Killer whales ____________________________________
  3. Are killer whales fish? ____________________________________
  4. Are killer whales warm-blooded or cold-blooded? ____________________________________
  5. Name 3 animals that are warm-blooded. ____________________________________
  6. Name 3 animals that are cold-blooded. ____________________________________

Name 3 animals that are cold-blooded
Paired with the
Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series

Whale Watching
Live cams http://explore.org/live-cams/player/orcalab-base

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Arctic Living_Setting

In the next story, you will read about [Lesson 13] Oomoo and Oolak. They were Eskimos who lived in Alaska.
Taken from the story, "Oomoo was an Eskimo girl who was twelve years old. Oomo had a brother named Oolak. He was ten. Oomoo and Oolak lived in Alaska near the ocean."

Our student's are familiar with living in SouthEast Alaska but are learning about living in the Arctic Region.

Pairing: with http://iditarod.com/


Friday, March 3, 2017

Student Moving

What I admire and appreciate about Ryland.

"We all appreciate you." shared Jyllian.

"We all admire you " shared Yodean.