Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Surviving the Ride

Students are practicing fluency using poems as a warm-up. They will be reading "Surviving The Ride".
taken from Linn County Fair, Kansas

The bull is in the gate

You lower yourself to rest on his back

He moos a threatening sound full of hate

You nod your out there's no turning back

He takes off you hold on for life

He twists you follow your body cracking

3 seconds in he's winning

Your hand is weakening your fingers cramping

5 seconds in your full of pain

Your body says give up

Your mind says I can win

7 seconds in your almost done

Your hand starts slipping

8 seconds in you hear the buzzer

you let go, fall down, stand up

Your legs are weak your body quivering

But you won that silver buckle

On your belt it slides

Another trophy from your

8 second rides

You learn from your mistakes.

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