Sunday, November 3, 2013

Word Work_Visuword_Frayer Model

Race of the Savage Seas Vocabulary
  • Write the words listed below in your notebook.
  • Record 2 other words that are similar (synonyms).
  • Use Visuword a visual dictionary and thesaurus as a resource.
  • Having difficulty, "Maybe the word is not spelled right," a student shared.
Words highlighted in blue will be defined using the Frayer Model
  1. disintegrate
  2. caulking
  3. undaunted
  4. circumnavigation
  5. perilous
  6. curvature
  7. indomitable
  8. enigmatic 
  9. sinister
  10.  fatigue

Type your word in the top right hand search bar.

The screen becomes transformed.
Look at the succeeding colors to clarify the type of words. Visuwords Directions

Frayer Model 

The purpose of the Frayer Model (Frayer, 1969; Buehl, 2001) is to identify and define unfamiliar vocabulary.
  • Think out loud as you try to come up with examples and non examples. 
  •  The model helps students understand words in context. 
  • Practice the strategies is solo or in pairs.
a variation is to give students a completed chart minus the keyword and they have to figure it out.

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