Friday, February 6, 2015

Kavik the Wolf Dog_Walt Morey_Lessons

Middle School RTI students will reading a fiction story, Kavik the Wolf Dog. We are awaiting arrival from Amazon via UPS.
Kavik takes place in one of author's favorite settings ~ Alaska ~ and the Pacific Northwest, where he lived.
Author Morey, Walt Biography
Kavick.html    Amazon
Prior to reading: Who is the author? What do I know know about this author? When was it written? Is that important? What is the Title? What does it suggest? Are their chapter titles? Is there vocabulary I need to know before I read? Posters using questions

Learning Unit 
Students will look up the population of one of the Iditarod Checkpoints at
I Love Alaska
Kavik Chapter 1 Youtube 
Student's watched Kavik The Wolf Dog from chapter 1-6 in our reading.  They compared the book to the movie and noticed a few differences. 45:24/1:37 Then read chapter 7 to catch up with George C. Hunter.

Chapter 1 Vocabulary using MindMeister

Which word doesn't describe Kavik?

Careful . . . get your brain waves going

Wolf Behavior: Dominant or Submissive? Analyze the behavior of wolf behavior. How does it compare to dog behavior?
Example of highlighting descriptive words to make a stanza
Drawing Lessons Guides-to-Drawing-Wolves
Using Context Clues:
Wolf Activities for kids and Teachers

Pair the book with non-fiction writing Wolves of the Alexander Archipelago are mysterious by Mary Catharine Martin and the  Notebook Series

Wolves Howling

Or fiction writing  Julie Wolves by Jean Craighead George
Chapter 2 Kavik encounters a number of animals. "He represented food, and their keen minds told them he was helpless." Check out the following. Record your findings in your writer's notebook.
Coyote is a Newcomer to Alaska  
Animal in the Story
Author’s Words
Coyote - 2 p. 26

they moved cautiously
suspicious & nervous
clawed at the body

Newcomer to Alaska
Red Fox p.

hung like a shadow

Lynx p. 26

Full grown
razor sharp claws

Discovery Education


Discovery: Dogs Not as Close Kin to Wolves as Thought

Reading a Dog's Signal Video

Can Wolves be Tamed? Watch and Read 
Another Point of View:True Story of the 3 Little Pigs Video (Read by)
Research Wolf Facts 

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