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Where She Went_by Gayle Forman

The next book 9th graders will read after If I Stay. You may start reading online
or ebooks
Where She Went  three years into the future. Adam is telling his story. Reade Where She Went Chapters
Chapter one

Discussion Questions for your writer's notebook.
Where she went picks up three years after Mia decided to stay.
1. Do you think this time lapse matters? 2. Would the story have worked if it took place one or even two years later? Why? or why not?

 Review story: Using words first, next, after, finally
Preview vocab.:
rehasing p. 155
recedes p. 156
gesture p. 157
abandonment p. 159
becons p. 161
The boogeyman sleeps on your side of the bed
Whispers in my ear: Better off dead.”
Fills my dreams with sirens and lights regret
Kisses me gently when I wake up in a sweat.”
Journal Tell about the chapter, what you foresee
The author says, “Haunt” is not the right word for it. Haunt makes it sound bad, unwelcome. But I do hear them. All the time.” P. 161 What does she hear?
Discussion Questions
Connections: Text to Self, have you had to move on?
Journal: Draw a diagram of a pencil. A pencil has two ends, one for writing and the other for erasing. On the eraser end, consider what actions the character wishes he or she could erase.
Draw a pencil
On the writing end of the pencil, note the actions the character wishes he or she had done.

Take from Deeper Reading


Author Gayle Forman's Bio LessonsPrintables
and contrast Adam’s and Mia’s current lives. Does Mia seem
happy with her life in New York? Is there anything in her story that would
Compare and and contrast Adam's and Mia's current lives. Does Mia seem happy with her life in New York? Is there anything that would make you think otherwise?
Analyzing Characters.pdf
Analyze how complex characters (e.g., those with multiple or conflicting motivations) develop over the course of a text, interact with other characters, and advance the plot or develop the theme.

Identify at least 4 traits for each of the main characters. You may use the attached sheet for traits or determine your own traits. Give each character a grade and find a direct quote from the book which supports your grade and the page on which the quote was found. See the first example for Adam. Then give Mia a grade.

Grading Scale:    A- character almost always demonstrates this character trait
                            B- a character usually demonstrates this character trait
                            C- a character sometimes demonstrates this character trait
                            D- a character rarely demonstrates this character trait
                             F- a character never demonstrates this trait
Character Traits Word Bank
adventurous, afraid, ambitious, arrogant, bad, bold, bossy, brainy, brave, brilliant,
calm, careful, careless, charming, cheerful, childish, cowardly, cruel, curious,
demanding, depressed, dishonest, eager, easygoing, energetic, evil, faithful, fearless,
foolish, friendly, funny, gentle, giving, gloomy, graceful, greedy, guilty, happy,
healthy, helpful, honest, hopeful, imaginative, impatient, impolite, innocent, inventive,
intelligent, jealous, kind, lazy, lonely, loving, loyal, lucky, mature, mean, mysterious,
nervous, nice, noisy, obedient, peaceful, pleasant, polite, poor, proud, quiet, responsible,
rough, rowdy, rude, sad, scared, selfish, serious, shy, silly, sly, smart, sneaky, spoiled,
strange, sweet, talented, thoughtful, thoughtless, trusting, trustworthy, unfriendly, unhappy,
upset, warm, weak, wicked, wise, worried, . . . 

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