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True Survival Stories_Paul Dowswell

The RTI Group selected this book as their next read.
First story is Dive to Disaster pages 7-25
Read 7-10, 10-17, 17-25
You can check it out at

Paired Reading: "The Deepest Ocean" Achieve 3000. By understanding the connections and being able to relate theme to book to book. Students learn to make associations and connections. Gallagher 1995

Prior to reading will write about what they KNOW about submarines with the following template. Then what they want to KNOW and what they LEARNED.

Vocabulary: define and sort word by category.
submarine p. 9
submerges p. 7
catastrophe­ p. 15
survived p. 11
suffocation p. 13
asphyxiation p. 13
emergency p. 14
rescue p. 14
surface p. 17
ascent p. 19
disastrous p. 24
salvaged p. 24

1. Define Dilemma,
The author states, "No submarine crew had ever before been rescued from this far beneath the sea."
2. How do you think the captain felt?
     The crew faced suffocation, lethal danger, and the need to conserve their air supply. 

3. Use the timeline as a framework to help understand the story. (History)
8:40 sea trials
9:40 scheduled to call in
12:00 ________________________________________________________
What did they eat? _____________________________________________
1:00 _________________________________________________________
7:30 _________________________________________________________
4:20 _ ________________________________________________________
9:30 _________________________________________________________
Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.

Table of Contents
1. Dive to Disaster  USS Squalus 'The Squalus Story' B&W
Inside the Navy's Newest Nuclear Submarine PCU Minnesota. Part 1 of 2  
There is a Southeast Alaska Measurement Facility located in Behm Cannal near Ketchikan, Alaska. SeaFac

History of Submarine
Kursk Submarine Disaster
What is the Mariana Trench?
Video Pairing with the Deep Sea Challenge 

Cartesian Diver
 Chemistry Magic

2. Hindenburg's Hydrogen Inferno
3. Captain Bligh's Boatload of Trouble
4. Adrift in the Desert
5. Shark's Breakfast
6. Lucky 13
7. Swallowed by a Volcano
8. Terror in the Sky
9. Lost in a Polar Wilderness
10. "The Mighty Hood"
Integrate information presented in different media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively) as well as in words to develop a coherent understanding of a topic or issue.

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