Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Things that Go Bump in Night

"When can we do 3:15 Again?" shared a student. (I shared the book in summer school)
Intro: to the Lift Watch The Lift
Things That Go Bump in the Night 
Buried Treasure 1
Reflecting Pool  13
Mr. Mason's Jars  27
The Lift 41
Night Rider 57
Heart of Stone  71
The Beast  83
Take Out 99
Atomic Ants  113
Night on the Dredge 127
Extras  151

1. Watch and listen to the video inro online.
Watch The Lift

2. Read the story. pages 43-55
3. Watch the conclusion of the story online.
Password prompt
Comprehension Quiz

You can also download the 3:15 app available through the App Store.  They can do one story and then download additional stories for $.99

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