Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Right There Questions_Think and Search

Answer the Right There Questions and select QAR-Bookmarks.pdf
Description Handouts.pdf
Students will answer Right There Questions then one question from Think and Search, Author and You, and On My Own
Right There Questions
  • Who_____?
  • What_______?
  • Where________?
  • When_________?
Think and Search
  • Why_____?
  • What cause_______?
  • Tell me in your own words ________?
  • What happened first, second or third?
  • What are the characteristics of _______?
  • Characters/Setting/Problem/Events/
  • Solution?
Author and You
  • What can you infer about ____’s feelings in this section of the text?
  • What do you predict will happen next?  Why do you think so?
  • The setting is never stated but where do you think the story is taking place?
  • Why______?
  • What if _______?
  • What does the author mean when ______?
  • Tell me the most important reason_______?
  • What are the themes of this text?
  • Tell me the biggest problem_______?
On My Own
  • Do you think_____?
  • How would you____?
  • Which is better______?
  • Would you agree that______?
  • Were you ever ____?
  • In your opinion _____?
  • Would it be better if _____?

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